NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD is committed to Nigerian Local Content.
NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD hereby confirms that the laid down plan and procedures for Nigerian Content will be followed while incorporating our service provision strategies for the work. The end result will definitely be an
excellent service delivery.
NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD understands the Nigerian Oil Industry Nigerian Content Requirements to be:

That the Oil Companies recognizes the long-term value of Nigerian content to their growth, operations and importance to the people of Nigeria. As a result, OUR CLIENT will conduct work in a way that has near and long term benefits to community in which
[1] Company works, consistent with its corporate guiding principles. This includes working directly and through other to provide education and training which brings together national objectives to improve quality of life which business
[1] Work proactively to achieve high level of Nigeria content in the scopes of work for projects, taking into consideration competitiveness and capability.

[1] Invest in training to bridge the gaps between business needs and local capabilities.
[1] Making use of Nigerian personnel, contractors and suppliers to the fullest possible extent with due consideration to competitiveness and capability.
[1] Developing the capability of individuals and contractors, where appropriate, to meet business needs.
[1] Understanding the Nigerian content expectations of the Government, which is a high priority and by meeting the terms of legislation and agreements.
[1] Successful achievement of the above, the outcome will be reduced costs and increased availability of some goods and services over time. Furthermore the full cycle, long-term
[1] profitability of deep water oil developments will be enhanced by the ability of current
[1] Projects to generate benefits for Nigerians and Nigerian businesses.
Therefore, from the foregoing, NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD shall ensure the maintenance of high Nigerian content by developing and training of Nigerian manpower, making use of Nigerian personnel, contractors and suppliers to the fullest possible for construction/fabrication, procurement of equipment, materials and consumables prior to and during the execution of the contract in the following order:
Policy on Employments, Development and Training of Nigerian Manpower:

The employment of Nigerians into management position shall be considered as a priority for this contract, i.e. the Project Manager position, the local content manager and others. Transfer of technical knowledge and skill shall be from the Project Manager, Site Manager, and members of the management team to the Nigerian local staff.

This shall also be a priority strategy for the execution of the contract specifically and shall also serve as a basis for the training of personnel. The strategy shall involve giving the Nigerian local staff the opportunity to test and consolidate their knowledge acquired during pre-commencement, on-the-job training and on the in-house/external courses they will attend while executing the Contract.

This shall be done firstly under the close supervision of the Project Manager on individual basis, after it is established that an adequate level of proficiency has been attained, the management shall be informed and the personnel upgraded accordingly.
This type of training will be extended to actual project management with the aim of building up the confidence and broad knowledge of the Engineers/Technicians and other personnel. The Project Manager will develop the Engineers and Technicians through well–tailored external, in–house courses and on-the-job training programs as spelt out in Company Training Requirements.
An important ingredient in the success of the training and development strategy is the selection of the Project Manager and Site Manager with sufficient skills, self-confidence, willingness and ability to teach and train his subordinates on-the job.