It is the policy of NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD to carry out all her activities in a way that her employee, subcontractors and equipment are properly secured from the hostile environment.
NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD shall conduct its activities in line with the company security guidelines, the requirement of her clients and all relevant government laws. To be able to accomplish these targets, NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD shall maintain good image with all its host communities where her projects are being carried out and also shall maintain close contact with government security agencies and request their assistance
when necessary, that is, in the issue of theft, confrontation with hostile communities, destruction of equipment and harm to the personnel.
All Chief Security Officer(s) at various NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD sites shall always report all security matters to the HSSE Manager.

The HSSE Manager shall at all times liaise with the Managing Director (MD) concerning all
security matters.

All NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD vehicles moving within or outside company location must be accompanied by Government Security Force (GSF). All personnel other than the Managing Director must subject themselves for check at the security post.
Materials brought into NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD premises or yard must be declared at the security post before entry is allowed. Also, no material shall leave the company premises or yard without waybills.

Government Security Force shall be placed at various NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD Base(s)
to give assistance to the private security outfit working in the base(s).