It is the policy of NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD to map and organize all her various operations in a way that the health, safety, of her employees, subcontractor and people are adequately protected, also to conserve the  environment and natural resources.
NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD shall train her employees in all aspect of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in order to be able to carry out her operation in an incident free mindset attitude, to prevent self injury and to safeguard injury to colleagues. It is imperative that all employees and subcontractor shall ensure to adhere strictly to this policy.
NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD Site supervisor and safety officer shall enforce all safety policy and report unsafe act/condition, LTIs and near misses seen. Documentation of all reports shall be sent to management for consideration and review, in order to eliminate the causes of LTI(s) and unsafe act/condition.
Safety audit and equipment inspection shall always be conducted, documented, and all lapses identified shall be tackled and closed out immediately. NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD shall have strong desire for improving on safety, the safety of its subcontractors and any other party that may have connection with the company’s
operations. The company upholds in very strong terms to reduce impact on the environment in which
Employees are reminded that they have a duty under the law to take reasonable care for their own safety and safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omission and also to cooperate with all statutory safety regulations including strict adherence to the Company’s HSE Policy, rules and regulations.
Implementation of this policy is under the delegated control and coordination of the HSE Manager.
It is the policy of NOGAD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD to carry out all her activities in a way that her employee, subcontractors and equipment are properly secured from the hostile environment.

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